Top 3 Reasons Why People Fail to Achieve Their Goals (With Solutions)

If goal setting is a universally known concept, why do most people fail at the execution?

Do You Really Need a Morning Routine?

There has been a lot of discussion around morning routines for entrepreneurs and business owners the past few years, but do you really need one?

The 3 Simple Steps to Hitting Your Goals (Every Time)

How many times have you taken on a goal, only to abandon it the following week? You know the feeling — that pang of guilt and disappointment after breaking a streak.

7 Habits That Are Killing Your Productivity

Being productive is a skill that takes more than just a little finesse to master. To be productive and stay productive, you must also be aware of the common pitfalls where most people falter.

FEATURED | Interview with the Founder

What goes into the app development process? Bernard Boodeea, founder of goal management app TaskSpur, talks about mobile development tech, team management, and the personal sacrifices that sometimes go into the craft.

What to expect for TaskSpur's June Release

TaskSpur users will love the new update to their favorite goal management app as Australia-based company Life Intelligence Group announces the release of the latest iteration of its goal management platform, TaskSpur. The recent update brings users two new exciting features. Here's what you can look forward to with TaskSpur Version 1.4.



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