TaskSpur Offers Exciting New Features in March Release

SYDNEY, March 8, 2022 — Award-winning goal management platform TaskSpur launches a raft off new features this month following the app’s initial release in September of last year.  

The newest updates bring more features to help users manage goals more effectively. Here is what you can expect with TaskSpur Version 1.3. 

(1) Description, Due Date, and Priority Level added to Goal cards 

You can now add a Description so that you can write down what the Goal is all about. 

You can also add a Due Date so that your goal progress can be tracked and associated tasks can be better planned.  

Set priority levels for your goals so you can focus on your highest priority goal first.

(2) Ari will help you plan your Tasks in line with your Goal due date 

Ari has your back and will make sure that you are on track. Receive recommendations and quick actions to plan your goals effectively. 

(3) Ari prompts you if you cannot meet your deadline for your goal 

If you schedule a Task past the corresponding Goal’s Due Date, Ari will ask you if you want to extend the deadline for your Goal or adjust the end date of the Task instead. 

The same prompt will appear if you have overdue tasks for that Goal. 

(4) Rely on Ari to remind you of your Goals’ deadlines 

If your Goal has no due date or deadline, the Goal due date will automatically follow the latest Task’s deadline within that Goal. 

Don’t worry, Ari will ask your permission to confirm this so you can also choose to set up a different deadline if necessary. 

(5) Easily manage overdue tasks 

When you have scheduled a task multiple times, Ari will ask you if you want to keep rescheduling, change the Task’s priority level, or delete it altogether. 

This helps prevent overcrowding your board with late Tasks so you can work on those that are more important. 

(6) Set up task recurrence 

You asked and we delivered, you can now set tasks to reoccur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Note that for daily and weekly, only 2 weeks of tasks will appear so that your Plan mode does not become too crowded. But once you complete a task, a new one will be automatically created so that you are always ahead in your planning. 

For monthly and yearly, only the next only two tasks will be created. 

(7) Update Task Status with ease 

Now it’s easier for you to update the status of any Task. Simply click on the Task card or tap it on your phone and you can select the relevant action icon in one click. 

(8) Goals and Tasks history 

The history tracking feature makes it easier for you to monitor any changes to your goals and tasks. This will be even more handy when the multi-user function is available, enabling you to collaborate on goals and tasks with family, friends or colleagues. 

(9) Rewards is making an appearance 

Earn reward points for achieving your goals & tasks. The more you achieve on time, the more points you can earn. Creating a new goal or task will add points to your total rewards, while unproductive actions like repeatedly rescheduling a task will reduce the points gained when that task or goal is finally completed. You can see your total reward points on your Dashboard.  

TaskSpur is looking to integrate this with real-world crypto-based benefits in the future so there's even more incentive to achieve your goals! 

(10) Share the love and refer a friend 

TaskSpur is setting the stage for a multiple user feature so friends, colleagues, and family can accomplish goals together. 

To send a referral, click on your Profile icon and share the link through email, Facebook, or LinkedIn. 

TaskSpur CEO Bernard Boodeea reveals plans to tie up the rewards gamification meta with token-based benefits in future releases to incentivize consistent app usage and actively encourage users to build positive habits. 

“If it takes too much time to do then automate it so that you have time for more interesting things in life.” 

Currently, the team is moving their goal post to developing the Shop module of TaskSpur which is being anticipated for release mid year.