How Having Goals in Life Keeps you Focused, Productive, Happy and Can Make you Achieve your Dreams

Did you know that 80% of people never set goals for themselves? Goals give us a lot of reasons to be motivated in life. Without it, we are like a ship without direction. Here are some powerful reasons why setting goals can improve our lives.

What Is Time? 8 Simple Hacks for Effective Time-Management

Humans are bad at time management period. But if you know what time is, you can then make the best use of it to live the life you want. To manage time effectively, here’s a quick guide on how you can plan your day.

From Past to the Future: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and X(Cross) Reality

If you want to know what is Augmented Reality and Virtuality Reality, this article might help you understand them. From a simple science fiction prediction to reality, the evolution of AR, VR , Mixed Reality and Cross Reality (XR) has come a long way.

What is a Scrum Master? And Why It’s Critical to Business Success?

A Scrum Master can lead your organisation through successful digital transformation and help your business reach its full potential. Get to know more about Scrum Masters and how important their role is in the world of modern business.

The Powerful Benefits of Embracing Transparency

Transparency is important. More than its significance, transparency is good, and we all need it. Here are some of the best reasons we need to embrace transparency and how it empowers companies and individuals.

Consumer Value: Know What Your Customers Really Want

What is consumer value? What is Elements of Value? Read on to help you better understand how these two play a crucial role in the competitive world of business and in the decision making of consumers.



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