7 Toxic Habits You Need to Let Go If You Work from Home

Working remotely offers flexibility, but it's easy to fall into unproductive patterns when the office is just a click away. Ditch these toxic habits: staying in pajamas all day, letting distractions rule, neglecting to take breaks, and blurring work-life boundaries.

Presenteeism in the Modern Workplace: What Managers Need to Know

Presenteeism costs the economy $150 billion every year — even worse than its more popular counterpart, absenteeism. But what exactly is it and what can we do about it?

56 Ideas to Add to Your Career Bucket List

Everyone’s heard of a personal bucket list but what about a career bucket list? Your work life, just like your personal life, is going to take up a significant portion of your lifetime. It makes sense to aim to make it as rich and full as your life outside your job.

Back to Basics: 5 Old-Fashioned Habits are Timeless

There’s a tinge of dismissal to the word “old-fashioned.” Old-fashioned sounds outdated, obsolete, no longer relevant. But I believe when it comes to habits, there are some that I consider timeless.

5 Actionable Tips to Help You Stick to Your Health Goals

Being consistent and sustaining one’s motivation is an understandable challenge when sticking to one’s commitment to be fit. But it’s far from impossible. You too, can follow many others who have committed and followed through on their fitness goals.

6 Tips for Navigating Obstacles on the Road to Your Goals

One thing you can expect to happen when you’re working towards your goals is encountering obstacles along the way. Whatever it is, know that obstacles are part of the process. And while you cannot predict what will happen, it is all in your power to adequately prepare for it.



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