Your Ultimate Christmas Planning Checklist: 6 Weeks to Christmas Day Countdown

It’s the most exciting time of the year again. Are you ready? 
The holidays can get pretty hectic when you don’t have a proper plan in place. That’s why we’re making it easy for you to welcome the holiday season with this Christmas Preparation Checklist. 

This pre-made To-Do list covers the basic things you need to do prior to, during, and after Christmas to make preparing a huge family feast or a simple family gathering a little less stressful and a whole lot more enjoyable! 

Download a Printable version of this checklist here. 

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Six Weeks Before Christmas (mid-November) 

  • Create a holiday budget, taking into consideration your decorations, menu, cards, and gifts expenses 
  • Create a holiday calendar. Use TaskSpur to create your Christmas TO DO list
  • Create a master gift list for family, friends, workmates, etc with corresponding addresses for each
  • Start your gift research
  • Start shopping and looking for early holiday deals including Black Friday specials during late November/early December 
  • Curate your own Christmas playlist. Here’s a great list of the classics 
  • Order your holiday cards or e-cards for a greener option 

Four Weeks Before Christmas 

  • Order your gifts 
  • Start wrapping your presents as they arrive instead of wrapping them in bulk 
  • Audit your current Christmas stash to see if you can reuse old decors 
  • Address your holiday cards 
  • Stock up on batteries 
  • Hang a wreath on your front door 

Three Weeks Before Christmas 

  • Buy your tree 
  • Start putting up your house decorations  
  • Plan your holiday menu 
  • Order your ham or turkey and any special food items 
  • Mail out your holiday cards 

Two Weeks Before 

  • Clean your fridge 
  • Start cleaning parts of the house 
  • Make sure your long-distance presents are mailed 
  • Buy perishable pantry items 
  • Prepare your Christmas Eve glasses and dishes 
  • Display the cards you received 

Image by Lynda Hinton via Unsplash 

One Week Before 

  • Deep clean the house 
  • Find table setup inspirations 
  • Shop for any missing decorative items 
  • Hang the stockings 
  • Write a grocery shopping list 
  • Go on a big grocery run 

Three Days Before 

  • Shop for fresh ingredients 
  • Talk to long-distance friends 
  • Do a final house inspection 
  • Make sure you’ve wrapped all the presents 

Two Days Before 

  • Get cooking 
  • Buy some flowers 

One Day Before 

  • Ready your Santa surprises 
  • Finish cooking 
  • Set the table 
  • Feel the holiday spirit 

Christmas Eve 

  • Put on a Christmas movie 
  • Light a fire if you have a fireplace 
  • Take a family video 
  • Leave out the milk and cookies for Santa 
  • Display the presents 

Christmas Day 

  • Open presents! 
  • Make a list of what everyone received and from whom so you can send out thank you cards 

Boxing Day 

  • Store all the leftover food  
  • Write and mail out your thank you cards

6 January 

  • Put away your Christmas decorations to use for next year 
  • Properly dispose of your tree 

When it comes to planning for an occasion as special as the Christmas holidays, you need to make sure you have ample time on your hands to put everything together. This will allow you to properly execute every part of your plan without sacrificing your normal routine. 

If you’re the kind who loves ticking an item off a list, you can get our Christmas checklist pack FOR FREE! This pack contains: 

  • A blank Christmas Calendar 
  • An Ultimate 4-Week Christmas Checklist 
  • A Blank Grocery Checklist 
  • A Blank Master Gifts List 

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Image by Nicole Michalou via Pexels 

Plan the Holidays with TaskSpur  

If you prefer going digital with your Christmas planning, check out TaskSpur. You can easily create a Christmas Checklist Plan on TaskSpur and add each of the listed items above under this master plan. 

To use TaskSpur to prepare your Christmas holidays, follow these steps. 

  • Create a new goal on TaskSpur 
  • Name this new goal Christmas To Do or any other name you think would better suit your project 
  • Save 
  • After you have created a goal, create a new task under this Christmas To Do goal. Add the tasks that are relevant to you from the list mentioned above. 
  • Don’t forget to add a start date for each task. 
  • Congrats! You’ve just successfully planned your Christmas holidays. 

Now that all your planned tasks are logged in to TaskSpur, you don’t have to look at your tasks individually. TaskSpur’s intelligent assistant, Ari, will automatically create a To Do list for you every day containing all the tasks that you have scheduled for that day. 

Easy, isn’t it? Don’t have TaskSpur yet? Download the app to your phone or desktop today! 

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